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The phenomenon of PeWuKa

In 2019, 90 years have passed since the opening of the General National Exhibition. This unique exhibition project showed the dynamics of the reborn Polish state, had a strong modernization feature and strongly influenced the shape and future of Poznań. PeWuKa was a breath of modernity in a very diversified economic and social country. During the exhibition, Polish achievements in the fields of industry (including heavy, oil, mining and steel, textile, tanner, confectionery, wood, construction, food or chemical, trade, agriculture, social welfare, physical education, sport and culture, art and science) were shown.

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Using the modern language, Pewuka was an incubator of entrepreneurship, promoting the latest inventions and achievements of Polish engineers. In the Pavilion of the Ministry of Posts and Telegraphs, it was possible to watch the television of the Polish construction. It was only three years after the world premiere of this invention. The author of the native receiver was Ing. Stefan Manczarski, one of the employees of the ministry. The most impressive device on the Exhibition was the first wind turbine. It was constructed by Ing. Witold Wiśniewski from Inowrocław. It was 34 meters high and consisted of 400 parts. The 20-horsepower turbine could be used to power farm machines or power the house. It's worth getting to know other interesting facts related to PeWuKa.